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About Jaks 

About Jaks

We started our little company in 1996 on a shoestring. We loved eating out with our friends, especially on those rare, expensive occasions when we could get a great steak downtown. We often wondered if we could open our own place and compete with the great talents and deep pockets in the Seattle area. After several years working for other restaurants, we decided to take a chance. With our friends on board to volunteer their time, labor, and tools, we embraced the entrepreneurial spirit. We quit our jobs, and entered "The Game." We focused 100% of our efforts and resources on what we feel matters most in a neighborhood steakhouse:
Superior Food Quality
Proper Service
Unsurpassed Value

Here we are, years later, and have never sacrificed our integrity by manipulating quality, aging standards, origin of our beef, or portion size, unlike some of the "big-name steakhouses." We've never deviated from what has brought us this far. We still use dry aging, still get our beef only from Nebraska (not the "Midwest"), still serve prime grade, and the steaks are the same size as they were way back in 1996. Sure, it's more expensive to adhere to our own self-imposed standards, but our guests are worth it and, it is the right thing to do.

Unlike the typical, expensive ala carte menus, our dinners come complete with salad, choice of potato and fresh vegetable.

Our best, and primary, advertising is the quality of our food, level of service, and overall value.

An old friend put it best: "The more they advertise, the more they charge. How good can you really be if you have to pay someone to say something nice about you" -Mr. D.

Thanks to our enthusiastic guests we have been voted the TOP Steakhouse in the "ZAGAT survey," year after year. This is a quite an accomplishment considering our virtually "no advertising" policy. We like putting the money where we think it matters, on the plate.

We are confident you will find that we are, more often than not, a dramatically less expensive option for an equal- or even a superior-quality meal, even before the inclusion of "side dishes."

We now offer lunch Tuesday through Sunday, and brunch and lunch on the weekends to further showcase our integrity and commitment to quality.

If you are looking for a casual, unpretentious, neighborhood experience, with real hospitality and unbeatable food, at a reasonable price, come check us out!

We look forward to the pleasure of serving you!

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