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Come join us at Jak1d1s Grill for the best food and neighborhood hospitality anywhere! 



MONDAY NIGHT IS PRIME RIB NIGHT! 12oz cut with all the fixin's for $24! Come early as we usually run out!

The Issaquah location will be serving brunch ONLY October 4th and 5th from 9-3 during Salmon Days.  Sunset Alehouse will be open all day starting at 11am.

Visit our sister restaurants, Sunset Alehouse and El 42 Cantina.  Both located near the Issaquah JaK's.

Dinner Nightly, Lunch Tuesday - Sunday, Brunch and Lunch on the Weekends, And The Happiest Hour In Town!        

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Thank you for voting us "Best Steakhouse" in the Seattle Weekly "Best of 2011 and 2012"  poll!  We are honored to be nominated with all the "big name" steakhouses in the area and thrilled you voted us on top!  We promise to continue to deliver superior food quality, correct service and unsurpassed value always!  Come on in so we can thank you in person!  JaK.

It's all about the "high-quality" beef that's "seared to mouthwatering perfection" at this steakhouse trio where service is "fast and pleasant" and the rooms "noisy"; the combination of the "bang-for-the buck" appeal ("your pocketbook doesn't get a la carte-d to death") and no reservations suggests you should go "early or really late" or expect a wait akin to "an endurance event"  

Seattle Weekly 2011 "Best Of" Winner. Best Steakhouse "If the measure of a steakhouse can be taken from one item, that item is the porterhouse.  And while it won't suprise you that the porterhouse at JaK's Grill is a lot cheaper than the one served at Metropolitan Grill, it might suprise you that it's a lot better.  Hence, not only does JaK's offer the best bang for one's carnivorous buck in town, it offers the best carne, period... JaK's isn't as regal or doting as the Met, but its more laid back approach better suits Seattle."

USA Today Nov 7th 2003 "10 great places for a down to earth meal"
"With tremendous portions of superb beef and excellent prices, this West Seattle cow palace competes with the big names. The quality of the food is marvelous not to mention the great no-attitude service and atmosphere. No wonder regulars who relish the food (even the hamburger is incredible) willingly endure a no reservations policy that means a long wait unless you get there early."

Men's Fitness Aug 2007 "America's Best Burger Joints"
#3 - JaK's Grill Seattle
; "Famous for it's half-pounders, JaK's seasons its burgers with onions, garlic, black pepper and a mixture of soy and Worcestershire sauces, red-chili paste and brown mustard while they grill.

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